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Hush, little baby, drink your spoiled milk.
I'm fucking crazy, need my prescription filled.
Do you like my cookies? They're made just for you.
A little bit of sugar, but lots of poison, too.
Born on October 30, 1986, Roxanne Frances Addison was the second child to Henry and Stacy Addison, young parents who were not at all ready to embrace their second child. The early years of her life would have been considered normal; a child doted on and loved by her parents, their family finally complete now that they had the full set: a boy, and then a girl. As she grew older, however, the normalcy that everyone thought she had wasn’t what it seemed. Her father, who could have been considered father of the year while he was at home, would disappear for long stretches of time, always coming back with money, or presents - able to buy a little favor and apology from his children, and most of all his wife. There was never any reason for the gifts, just that Henry had wanted to spoil his favorites, and Roxy never minded. It was safe to say that she was a bit of a daddy's girl, which annoyed her mother to a certain degree. She had a tendency to be a little harsher on Roxy than her brother, but was always extremely apologetic if it ever went too far.

It was clear in elementary school that Roxanne was an extremely bright child, and a bit of a charmer - just like her father. Her teachers were so impressed with her, she was able to skip grades, and her charm helped her out of any awkward situations involving bullying by other classmates (it also helped having a big brother on the playground too). It was hard not to like her when she was young. Sweet, funny, and intelligent but never to the point of being pretentious, she was able to be as well adjusted as anyone could hope for coming out of middle school. She was ready to grab the challenges of high school by the horns. It was by her sophomore year of high school that her home life started to crumble. Her father had jumped ship and left her mother to fend for herself to raise two children. Her father, as it turned out, was a con artist with ties to the mob - and had made the wrong person mad. He left without warning, acting as if he was going on another job and would be back as soon as he could, only never did. This was the start of a history of bad relationships with men in her life, Roxy turning into a poster child of someone with daddy issues.

Not long after her father left, did other men start making their way to Roxy’s (but primarily her mother’s) door. They were all familiar faces to her, sure. Self-proclaimed uncles, but they didn’t seem all that interested in her or her brother, just her mother, and the whereabouts of her father. It didn’t take long for her mother to get involved with another man, a rich man, that liked to throw his money around to give both her mother and her brother stars in their eyes. But Roxy wasn’t impressed. She was courteous of course, never one to really to cause a problem, but there were strains with this new step-father, and her mother for sure. Roxy still only had eyes for her daddy. No other man would replace him. Though you could say that the family was on their way to being well off, Roxy preferred to work for her money and belongings (using the gift of her fathers charm to work that extra few dollars into her tips). At school, the only problem you would ever see Roxanne having was the occasionally screaming match with her boyfriend (re: daddy issues). Other than that, she concentrated on her studies, her cheerleading and gymnastics, and straddled the line of popularity - popular enough where most people knew her, but never the top of the food chain, and she was fine with that.

Upon graduating, she was near the top of her class, and armed with a scholarship to Boston University (which worked out perfectly for her plan to follow her boyfriend to college). Without looking back and already planning a future, she said goodbye to her brother and mother, and went to start the new chapter of her life. The first year of college was a bit of a struggle. Harder classes, new people, a break up to end all break ups, but she was determined to not fail. There was always a nagging question in the back of her mind: would she be this person if her father was still around? What made him do the things that he did? And it was because of this, she found her calling: Psychology. After breaking up with her first love, Roxie tended to date her homework rather than other people. There were flings, sure, and sexual awakenings that found her liking both men and woman but nothing entirely serious. she preferred to remain unattached and have her needs met, and there were many a willing participant to do just that. That was, until she was moving on to her senior year. A young man named Dylan had caught her attention, and after a few flirtatious conversations, it became serious. She was finally able to move on and try to be with someone and have it be healthy, and not fall into the trap of what she was finding herself in before.

But Roxie, it seemed, was cursed. She was too charming, too flirtatious, and his jealous annoyed her rather than enthralled her - so she pushed. Trying to see just how far she could go before he got fed up. And she got her wish. Dylan had broken up with her in what was a violent screaming match, to the point where the cops were called. As she tried her best to keep the police at bay, Dylan left in a huff and drove away, only to die in a car crash later that evening. She would later find out that it wasn’t an accident, Dylan had purposely crashed the car and killed himself in the process. She was devastated and even more so after a hidden note left behind revealed she was the cause of it all. Stricken with guilt, she threw herself into work, finishing her senior year and moving on to her masters degree. Still trying to come to turns with her boyfriend’s death, she fell into her work, slowly coming out of her self induced haze and trying to make the most out of life. She was still severely damaged, and guarded, but she suppressed all her guilt with her work, with fun, with just living her life. Finishing her master’s degree, she was feeling happier and healthier and all too ready to start a new life.

With her final degree under her belt: a PsyD in Clinical Psychology, she moved on and began her specialization in Forensic Psychology as well as her accreditation with the MA Board of Registration in Psychology. It was no longer just a drive to find out why her father was the way he was, it was an obsession of hers. The criminal and psychotic mind fascinated her and she was eager to learn more. Upon her graduation she started a job at Lemuel Shattuck Hospital Correctional Unit and has worked there ever since. But she's eager for more, and to get to where these prisoners call home: the prison system.

⤑ name roxanne frances winston (neé addison) ⤑ comicverse harleen quinzel-harley quinn ⤑ date of birth + age 30th october 1986 + 31 ⤑ birthplace boston, massachusetts ⤑ current residence boston, massachusetts ⤑ occupation owner of Asylum of South End/psychiatrist ⤑ relationship status soulmated ⤑ personality Scorpio / ENFJ ⤑ pets Atticus (Australian Sheperd)
Zelda (tortie cat)
Cheesecake (tabby cat)
Scout (German Shepherd)
Radley (German Shepherd)
Lisa Turtle (turtle)
Goatblum (goat)
Goatie Hawn (goat)
Nemo (goldfish)
Dr. Harleen Quinzel was a psychiatric intern at Arkham Asylum. A model student, in addition to receiving high grades in college, she was also a dedicated gymnast, winning a scholarship to Gotham City University. While researching the lunatics at Arkham, she became fascinated with one particular inmate. Ambitiously volunteering to analyze him, she pleaded with the doctors at Arkham for three months before she could treat him. After he gained her sympathy during their sessions, he seduced her, causing her to fall madly in love with him. After helping him escape from the asylum more than once, Harleen was suspected by the authorities, who revoked her license and placed her in her own cell. During an earthquake in Gotham City, she fled and became Harley Quinn, the sidekick of the Clown Prince of Crime himself.

comic parallels • Has the same middle name.
• Father is a criminal. (New 52 origin)
• Received her doctorate in psychiatry.
• Worked as a Psychiatrist in mental institution.
• Has devote friendship with Portia Isaacs (Ivy).
• Excels in gymnastics.
• Has unstable history with men.
• Fiancé in college killed himself. (Harley Quinn #8 - If The Crime Fits)
• Niece has same name as her daughter (Injustice)

Point of Canon Harley Quinn is pulled from all over the place.

veil lifted 11-1-2016

abilities 🔫 enhanced strength
🔫 enhanced agility
🔫 enhanced gymnast skills
🔫 enhanced hand-to-hand combat
🔫 toxin immunity
🔒 enhanced speed
🔒 enhanced stamina
🔒 regenerative healing
🔒 genius level intellect

items 🔫 mallet
🔫 popgun
🔒 good night bat
🔒 injustice revolvers
🔒 jester costume>
🔒 arkham asylum costume
🔒 arkham city costume
🔒 arkham knight costume
🔒 suicide squad (movie) costume
🔒 suicide squad (comic) costume
🔒 injustice costume
🔒 injustice alternate costume
🔒 derby costume

memories 🔫 memories of harleen quinzel/harley quinn
🔫 memories of arkham asylum
🔫 memories of gotham
🔫 memories of suicide squad
education boston university
• bachelor of science in psychology (2002-2006)
• master of science in psychology (2006-2007)
• PhD in clinical psychology (2007-2009)

facts • Highly intelligent, graduated high school when she was only 16 years old.
• Despite this, still is uncomfortable with showing people just how smart she actually is.
• After her father left, she took on any kind of extra job she could (even at a young age) to make some money for herself and younger brother.
• Has always had a rocky relationship with her step-father, she doesn’t trust him.
• Has been engaged twice - once when she was 18, and again when she was 23. The first relationship ended due to a breakup. The second because he died.
• Second fiancé killed himself by purposely crashing his car. It was ruled and accident and only she knows about this and still harbors guilt for it.
• Had a bit of a reputation in the early years of college that sometimes still comes back to bite her in the ass.
• Has a love for gymnastics and competed in middle school up until college.
• While she worked hard for everything she has accomplished, has used her feminine wiles to curry favor.
• Has always been fascinated with criminals and serial killers.
• Is riddled with self-doubt almost constantly.
• Is a food and snack junkie, has become a gym rat so she doesn’t gain 400 lbs.
• Talks a lot when nervous.
• Is a secret romantic.
• Loves horror movies and anything involving the occult or supernatural.
• Has loved video games since a very young age. • Surprisingly sensitive for someone who will say "fight me" when confronted.
• Flirts a lot but hardly realizes she’s doing it.
• Has had relationships with both men and women. Considers herself bisexual.
father: Henry Addison
53 years old. criminal. whereabouts unknown.
mother: Stephanie Campana (neé Addison; neé Doyle)
51 years old. housewife.
brother: Jason Addison
28 years old. student/father.
niece: Lucy Addison
7 years old. daughter of jason.
step-father: Michael Campana
64 years old. "business man".