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Meet Drew Powers. Let me tell you about him. Not only is he undeniably handsome - you should see him in a suit ladies ;) - but he is extremely intelligent, the co-owner of his own business with one of his best friends (who is taken, tyvm), and one of the nicest guys you could possible meet. This man has a heart of gold and would give you the shirt off his back in the freezing cold to help his fellow man. And there's MORE. He's FUN. You want to play video games? He's your man. You want to have in depth and smart discussions about all things nerd? This guy's got you. You want to have a couple of drinks and have a fun night on the town? Call up Drew. You want to know something else? He's a sweetheart. Ladies, look at that smile. That's the smile of a man who likes long walks on the beach with his robot dog, candlelight table top gaming AND dining, and the smile of a man who would actually pay attention when you talk about your day and just want to hold your hand and be near you, if only for a little while. He's got a competitive streak (just ask his bff Jack, who is taken, about how he kicks his ass regularly at betrayal on the house on the hill). There's just one small problem. I KNOW, How could this handsome, driven, passionate, smart, kind, funny individual have any problems!? Well....he's single. And that's where you come in! If you're a single, strong, independent woman that has a love for the nerdy, appreciates video games as an art form, and want to spend the upcoming cold, Bostonian nights cuddled up on the couch with this handsome guy, then inquiry within!. You will NOT be disappointed. PS: drew don't hate me, ily bye.

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