If I could, I would erase it all. You sat on your high horse and watched me fall.

The power outages throughout the city had done nothing to improve Dr. Adam Bergmann’s mood. He thought maybe if he was at work, it would at least be a comfortable climate, and he could pass the time in the safe haven of his office. But even here, they weren't immune to the rolling blackouts that has the city suffering. While they had generators upon generators to keep the hospital running smoothly in situations like these, today they were faulty at best, at least the ones attempting to power the main part of the hospital. Any flicker of light they were graced with was short lived and met with frustration from not just him, but his staff as well. By 2 pm, he was at his wits end. Most of the staff had gone home. Not being able to do any kind of really work with the faulty power, he had dismissed his team, including his assistant. He also had decided that enough was enough and informed whoever was in charge in his absence that he was heading home as well. The patients would be fine. There were nurses on call, plus the guards and other essential personnel would be able to handle anything that came their way. They were trained for it. If not, he was only a phone call away, but he hoped that there wouldn’t be any need to call him back in.

Walking to his office he was guided in the dark by the security lights that lined the hallways, giving his surroundings an ominous red glow. The sound of his expensive shoes and breathing were the only noises that accompanied him on this floor; he would have been more unnerved if he hadn't just spoken with the head of security that everything was locked up tight for the rest of the day. Everyone was where they should be. He was alone, and he was glad for it. At least right then. Less people to deal with so he could just get out and go quick. It wasn’t the first blackout that the hospital had been through in his nearly 20 years there. He knew it wouldn’t be the last.

He was exhausted. He wanted nothing more than to go home and relax - at least as best he could without power and the wonderful invention of central air. As long as he had his phone and, if possible, a bottle of whiskey, he could make it a very entertaining evening if he chose to. After all, he was a man of certain wealth and prestige. He knew people he could call to make everything that much more interesting. It was even better and more conceivable with his wife out of town for the rest of the week. A smirk curled on his lips as he removed his key to unlock his office door. Which he found was pointless since the door was already opened, a sliver of darkness greeting him and beckoning him to come inside. He paused, apprehensive and pushed the door open with one hand, the hinges creaking just to spite him. Very little light had entered the room even with the door open, giving what he could see a faint reddish tinge to it, the rest still dark, covered by his long Shadow. Though he knew it was pointless, he stepped into the office and still tried the light switch on which yielded the result he expected: absolutely nothing. He sighed, mentally chastising himself for being ridiculous, and secretly hoping the light above would flicker on to save him from the dark. Further into his office he walked and he rummaged in his pocket for his phone, the door slammed shut behind him, engulfing him in darkness.

He spun towards the door, hands shaking and letting out a string of expletives when he couldn't activate the flashlight feature on his phone. Finally, the light blazed from the small circle and he moved in his own circle around the office, illuminating corners and trying to find the culprit who was doing their best to scare him. What was he looking for exactly? A stray patient trying to play games? A ghost? With the amount of people that had died here over the years, he wouldn’t be all too surprised if the hospital itself had a haunting or two. So what else? One of his enemies? He couldn't think of anyone he had wrong recently that was still in the vicinity of the hospital. They were all gone and he was fine. Even if they weren't and did want to hurt him? They didn't have the balls to - both literally and figuratively.

He chuckled gently at his own inner monologue, remembering Friday and the feeling of his hands on her. She wasn’t the first woman here that he had had his way with, in one way or another. He had been so close, but his damned assistant had stepped in and ruined the whole moment. He would have to remember next time to lock the door and leave a note to not be disturbed. He smiled in the dark. Next time. It might not happen soon, but it would happen eventually. He knew that, and he felt an excitement stir in him at the anticipation of it.

A hum quickly rose from the dark as the electronics and lights breathed to life once more, bringing the older man out of his thoughts and making sigh with relief. His phone was turned off and dropped into his pocket of his slacks and began to shrug out of the white lab coat that was a requirement for all medical personnel to wear. He could finally get the hell of this place and make the most of the late afternoon and rest of the evening. Turning back to his desk, he jumped in surprise to see a petite blonde standing in front of him holding something, but he couldn’t process what. Seeing the look on his face, her lips curled into terrifying expression of what he could only think was joy and opened her mouth to speak.

“Mind your head.”

There was a rush of wind and a sickening crack before the world around him fell back into total darkness.