Ashes, ashes, time to go down. Ooh, honey do you want me now? Can't take it anymore, need to put you to bed. Sing you a lullaby where you die at the end

The sun had set and the hospital was surrounded by an unnatural darkness. The blackouts were still being a nuisance to the larger population of Boston, and most were tucked away in their homes, or at least someplace that could give them some sort of shelter and normalcy. Here, the generators had finally started to cooperate and the deafening silence in the vicinity was broken by the steady thrum of machinery. All was well. For most.

Even though the power was back up, the only lights coming from the office of the Chief of Psychiatry were a small desk lamp, and the bluish glow of his computer screen. She didn't want to draw too much attention to the room in case anyone would walk the halls, but she was fairly certain that tonight, they were safe from prying eyes. Unlike him, she took the necessary precautions to ensure their privacy for the evening.

The groaning came not long after the sun had set and Harley looked up from her spot on the floor, grinning enthusiastically when Dr. Bergmann looked in her direction. “So I didn't really think this part all the way through.” She smiled still, as if that answered every question that she could see on his expression. There was a faint smell of bleach that rose up from where she was kneeling, latex gloves covering her hands, a scrub brush held in the dominant one. “I'm just glad you don't have a carpet!”

Rising to her feet she looked at the older man with interest. He must have noticed the blood stains on her white jacket as she got to her feet, watching the panic start to creep in, and more than likely the realization on why his head hurt so much. He tried to move, but the rope that encircled his chair was good and tight. There was no chance for escape, she had made sure of that.

“I know, I look a mess,” she sighed, pulling off the latex gloves and dropping them into the bucket with the discarded scrub brush. “I musta hit ya harder than I thought and boy did you go down hard. I woulda put a tarp down to catch all that blood, but I didn’t wanna ruin the surprise!” She gently tapped on his face, giving him a sweet smile that directly contrasted with the situation. Her jacket was discarded next, folded and placed on the chair that she had occupied the Friday before. “I'm glad you're awake though, you're probably wondering why you're still here.” Her smile turned sinister for a moment. “I wanted to talk to ya about that generous offer ya made us last week and show ya how I really feel.” She pushed a strand of blonde out of her face and hopped up onto the wooden desk, sliding her legs over and crossing them. “We got interrupted last time,” leaning forward, she took her tie in his hand and pulled, watching his neck jerk as the chair he was in rolled closer. “I'm gonna make sure that doesn't happen again. You see, you had your fun… And now I wanna have mine.”

She let him go with a flick of her hand, watching the strain in his face with glee. “Now, don't misunderstand me when I say fun. I really hope ya didn't think I was actually gonna fuck you,” her lips twitched, as if she was holding back a laugh. “You're so not my type. I may have daddy issues but grand daddy issues?” She scoffed, but leaned forward, her eyes growing dark. “That must be why then.” She started. “Why you take advantage of women. Because no one in their right mind would touch ya otherwise.” He could see her hands gripping the desk, trying to avoid eye contact with her. “Or you're just a power hungry jerk that gets off making the ladies squirm.” Her tone was cheerful, it scared him how easy she could switch between two opposite emotions. She was unhinged. “I’m gonna guess that it’s the last one.”

In the low light of the office, she could see his face was a mix of fear, confusion, anger, and strangely enough - interest. He was mumbling behind the duct tape she had pressed against his lips when he was unconscious. Tilting forward again, she ripped the tape off without warning, eyebrow lifted as she looked down at him. “I hope you're about to apologize ta me.” She said, eyes narrowed.

“You're a fucking crazy bitch.” He said, his voice surprisingly even for how scared he actually looked. Before he had time to act, he felt her hand against his cheek and knocked both him and the chair over. How was she this strong? It wasn't possible. “That wasn't very nice.” She said over him, bending over to fix the chair and turn it upright. “I'm definitely not a bitch.” She continued to mumble, shaking her head. He groaned, letting his head hang to try and recover from the blow, a sliver of blood trailed down his open mouth and dripped onto his shirt. Lifting his head, the look he gave her was one of disbelief. “What do you want from me then?” He asked after a moment of silence between them. “Money? A promotion? I can take care of that for you. Whatever you want, I can get.”

She smirked, leaning back on her hands and letting her leg swing back and forth as she watched him try to bargain with her. “Anything huh? All your money? A nice big fat raise?” she asked wiggling her eyebrows at him. “You can do all that for me?” she asked, eyes widening. He nodded enthusiastically, the blood stain on his shirt growing larger with every drop. “Yes. Whatever you want. You just, you have to let me go, Roxanne.” he shifted his weight, looking at her. She couldn't decide whether or not he looked angry or scared. “I can't help you if you don't help me.” She considered this for a moment and slipped off the desk, standing in front of his chair. She wondered if she looked the giant now, and if he felt small and powerless. If he didn't now, he would eventually. She leaned forward so her face was level with his. “I want an apology.” She enunciated the words, leaving no doubt that he understood what she wanted the apology for. For the humiliation. For the dirtiness she felt. For making her feel small. She rose again and still looking at him, tapped his computer back to life. “Besides,” her expression warmed. “I've got all the money I need now. So ya really did give me the raise I wanted.” Her smile grew at his confusion. “Ya shouldn't leave your passwords and banking information just laying around, ya know, it's just not safe.”

Pushing his chair towards the computer, she sat on his lap with a flourish, taking the mouse in her hand and with a few clicks she brought up the websites that she had minimized while he was unconscious. As he glanced over the various pages that she clicked through his eyes widened in horror. “ didn’t.” he sputtered after a few moments, shaking his head violently in disbelief. Her glee grew and she wrapped her arms around his neck, pressing a rough kiss to his cheek. “Think of it as a raise, with interest and hazard pay. I promise it’ll go to good use. Maybe I’ll buy a boat.” She said thoughtfully, ignoring his panicked voice muttering to himself. Without warning, she felt a sharp pain burst on her forehead “OW.” Her hand reached up instinctively feeling the warm sticky liquid that started to slide down the bridge of her nose. Standing up too quickly, she reached out and grabbed hold of his shoulder, steadying herself and staring down at him. Her eyes flashed with rage as the realization hit her, seeing his skewed glasses and her blood staining the corner of his metal lenses.

A tense moment passed between them before a smile spread across red lips, an unhinged laughter slipping out. “Oh you’re just FULL of surprises aren’t you!” she said between fits of laughter, her hand falling to her side, the blood flowing freely off her forehead. She moved with an agility that unnerved him and she cupped his have in one hand, squeezing his cheeks together roughly. “Oh honey, it’s a shame she’s gotta kill ya. I coulda had real fun with you.”

Letting him go, she picked up the jacket she had discarded and wiped her hands haphazardly on the material, wiping the new blood away on the sleeve. “I think it’s time to get outta here, what about you?” She asked, pulling her phone out of her pocket, dialing it and holding it up to her ear. “Heya handsome. I’m all ready for you.” She smiled at the response, hanging up the phone and started to clean the mess that she had created when the other man had passed out. A renewed panic and confusion set in his face as she walked back to him and untied him, grabbing him roughly when he tried to get up and run.

“Oh no, no, no. You can’t leave yet.” Her grip tightened and he thought not for the first time tonight how she was this unnaturally strong for someone so tiny. He tried to jerk away from her, but failed, and looked at her with a crazed expression. “You’re not going to get away with this, Roxanne! The generators are on, you’ll be all over the security cameras. You can’t just walk out the damn front door!” As if on cue, the space of the room shifted and a third party appeared as if from thin air. His smile was almost as crazed as hers, and just as unnerving. She grinned, blowing the other party a kiss and turned to look at the good doctor with an innocent, childlike expression.

“Who said anything about the front door?”