i, roxy, take thee, jack.

I feel like this is the best time for me to finally admit a secret that I've kept to myself for a really long tine. Though I am convinced everyone knows it already but...I had a crush on you the moment i met you. And the funny thing about that is now I can't even really remember how we officially met. Somehow you were just there and I was completely smitten with you and I never would have thought that I would be standing right here in front of you, about to be your wife.

I don't think anyone could blame me for being enamored with you. You're cute as hell - sorry, it's true! And you have this kind of personality that just drew me in. I hated the woman you were with when we first met because she had something that I wish I could have. Maybe it was the jokes, or your infectious smile, or the way you laughed, or the way that you would always get my obscure pop culture references and laughed with me when everyone looked at me weird. You were the first person in a long time that I felt that i could be my true self with. I didn't have to compartmentalize my life and be something I wasn't because you saw it all - and somehow you liked me too.

I remember in the beginning every time we would go out we both would say "it's not a date" as if we were fooling ourselves into thinking otherwise. That we were just friends with a weird, but totally valid love of Jeff Goldblum and Nicolas Cage movies. But I think it was the pokemon pick up lines, if my memory serves me correctly, that were what did it. I mean, who else can say that about their relationship? From the beginning it has been something weird and wonderful and like nothing that I have ever experienced before, because you are someone I had never experienced before.

You are the kindest man I have ever known. You always find the good in things, and your optimism rivals mine on some occasions. You are forgiving when I probably don't deserve it, and you have seen me at my absolute worst and still love me with everything a human can love with, and more. I don't deserve you, but I don't want to think of what my life would be like without you. You make me want to be better version of myself. And when I can't be, you're still there with a glass of wine, or a new recipe, or a new adventure we can go on just to make me smile. You're the best person that I know, and that's not even me being biased talking.

With me, you will always have someone to tell you that your crazy ideas are the best ones. You will have someone to drop everything and travel on a whim, or to sit at home with take out and binge watch tv, or beat our scores in Mario Kart. You will have someone who will always send you funny gifs and be your date to every movie opening or the one that convinces you that yes, we absolutely should get another dog. Someone that will support everything that you do because we are partners in crime. You will always have someone to match your crazy because from this day forward nothing can take me away from your side. And when we finally have our farm with our hundreds of animals and herd of children, you'll still have me, even for the boring stuff. Because everything is always better when it's with you.

I love you with everything that I have in this world to give, and more. I know this is only one of many adventures we will take together, and we have a lifetime of having children and animals and adventures no one would ever believe. You were the missing piece I needed to make myself feel like a whole person again, and I can only offer you a lifetime of being your wife to thank you for it, so I hope it's enough. I love you, and I can't wait to see what the future holds for us.