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To: Timothy Coleman Re:Re: Financial Advisory Questions Sep 27
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Re:Re: Finacial Advisory Questions
Roxanne Addison <>
to Timothy Coleman

Thank you for getting back to me so quickly about my questions. My step-father had actually given me your email and said you were one of the best in the business to handle these questions for me. I trust that this will be held in the strictest confidence here on out now that I've decided what route I'm going to be taking involving what we talked about previously. My step-father or mother do not need to know about what we have discussed.

I will be talking to the people that I have chosen to invest in within the next day or so, and will cc you on any of the corresponding emails - unless you think that those types of conversations should be conducted in your office, considering that I'm sure a lot of paper work will be involved. Let me know as soon as you can about how I should proceed.

Best regards,
i think we all need another vacation.
Roxanne Addison <>
to Portia, James, Greg, Justin, Manny, Tom
Ok, listen up you beautiful jerks.

I know things have been crazy lately (and honestly, when aren't they?) But I was thinking last night of how much fun we had going to New York and spending the weekend in the city, and I think that we should do it again. Not New York, unless that's where we decide on going, but somewhere. Tom and Jimmy, I know you weren't there last time so I want to make sure everyone is included so we can all hold hands and sing kumbaya and do an unhealthy amount of shots. Maybe not that many shots. And I think it's safe to say to keep Greg away from the bar because last time I am pretty sure he almost gave everyone alcohol poisoning with whatever mixed drink he concocted. It's for everyone's health.

Justin, I know you're going away with your mom sometime soon, so maybe when he gets back we can all plan something? I'm up for anything really, just let me know what ideas you guys have and we can try and work something out. Back to your regularly scheduled day.

Re: Formal Employment Offer
Roxanne Addison <>
to James Carver

Please forgive the lateness in my reply, I don't think I need to tell you why it's taken so long for me to formally accept your offer, so this is me accepting it wholheartedly. I hope that this is professional and enough of a digital handshake for us to get started on work as soon as possible!

With that said, I did have a few ideas about how to expand the Slaughterhouse to try and up the wow factor (not that there isn't a lot of wow factor to begin with) and to keep things fresh and exciting to bring back repeat customers, and gain a sleu of new ones. I'm brand new at this so if these ideas are terrible, feel free to fire me and don't even worry about compensataion. So let me break this down, and hopefully it comes across as coherent.

New Ideas:
Haunted Boston
Boston is full of a ridiculous amount of history and with that amount of history, there are always ghost stories. This would take a lot of research, of course, and if buildings/businesses are involved, we would need to speak to them about permission and other fun stuff (see next point) but why not offer Slaughter House Walking Tours that let people surround themselves with the rich history the city already has, but add that terrifying element to it. Have everyone leave with learning something, and too afraid to go to bed at night.

Partnerships with local business for discounted rates/coupons/etc.
This can work whether or not you decide to implement the walking tours or not. It's all advertsing really, but instead of a flyer or two or pamphlets at the entrance, why not try and partner with bars, restaraunts, etc. for discounted ticket rates if they buy a drink,eat a meal, etc. at that specific location. And vice versa. You buy a certain ticket at Slaughther House, discounted rates on drinks/food. If we decide a walking tour and get businesses on board with that, we can space out the timing of it and turn it into a pub/dining crawl that can last several hours. The better the relationships we try to have with other business, the more oppurtunity for them to be around for themed functions.

Themed Events/Haunted Houses
Halloween you will always have business for people wanting to get into the spirit of things and want to be scared, it's wonderful. But the rest of the year, you want people to come in and enjoy themselves and scare themselves silly too, right? This could also apply to the Escape Rooms as well, but as for the haunted attractions - give them a theme. The election is coming up. Have a one night only event before the election where you walk through a house of zombie Donald's and Hillary's as the main focus of fear. Christmas is coming up: Serial Killer Santa Claus. But there are so many elements that we could take inspiration from from the media and Hollywood (copying just enough so that there isn't a lawsuit involved, of course). Have a night of just killer clowns. An escape from Aliens. Making your way through Arkham Asylum (please be amused by this), or the Amityville Horror House. The possibilities are endless, and to give them more depth and excitement, have them as limited engagements.

Immersive Theatre Parties
These might take a little more planning, and would obviously not be implemented for a while, but I think they could be worth it. Murder Mysteries, but not these cheesy hotel productions. Add a bit of humor to it and it can be like Clue. Have it be privately held whether at a location we choose, or make it the party planner's suggestion. I haven't exactly fleshed out a concrete idea for it, but it will be highly interactive, could span a few hours, or even a weekend if we can pull it off right. Almost like Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None. Has to be totally immersive and feel real. I'll still brainstorm that idea.

High Stakes Interaction
And when I say high stakes, I mean people have to sign a waiver to not sue us before entering. No waiver, no admittance. This can be talked about in more detail at a later date, but I want people to experience full throtal horror. It can be as small or as big as you want to go, but I think changing it up every once in a while would be a good thing. Have an event where you are surrounded in total darkness and are only given a small flashlight and have to comb your way through alone or in a small group. Cut off sound with soundproof headphones. Lots of sensory deprovation. Or we can go full on House of a Thousand Corpses. The point is that it will be full contact. This is another one that I would love to have your input in to make it that much more horrifying and exciting for the people that chose to come.

I know, I probably sound over ambitious, but I think using any of these ideas could make the experiences better. I also know that this will take a lot of time and money to implement so that it's successful, and that was the other piece I wanted to talk to you about. If you like any of these ideas, I want to be able to invest money into the company as a whole to help pay for anything new that we decide to add to the entire experience so you don't have to worry about paying anything out of pocket. We can talk about the logistics of what that would mean, how much I want to put into the company, etc. as soon as you want to, but I'd love to have this oppurtunity if you take me up on it. So let me know. I know I rambled on for quite a bit so I'll shut up now. Can't wait to hear back from you!